Based on more than 25 years in leadership positions – most of them as Chief Human Resources Officer for Germany and Europe, the Middle East and Africa – Ulrich Jordan has developed a deep expertise in management. As a member of the executive group and the management board of large domestic and international organizations, he was able to

  • manage businesses in Germany, Europe and Asia.
  • coach the CEO´s of the different country businesses on leadership, change management, performance management, leadership assessment and development,  succession planning and talent retention.
  • build the HR function to be a trusted part of the business.
  • significantly strengthen the top group of executives to meet the rising demands of the market.
  • lead the different organizations in mergers and acquisitions.

Executive Coaching

A process that is tailored to the individual Executive and his/her role in the organization. It usually includes the following elements:

  • Conduct a needs analysis
  • Define the goals
  • Create ownership
  • Achieve behavioral change
  • Measure progress
  • Evaluate success
  • Sustain change

Leadership Development

  • Create a common understanding of the leadership role.
  • Identify the right leadership potentials.
  • Develop the leadership competencies.
  • Evaluate the individual leadership performance.

HR Strategy Development and Execution

  • Understanding the business agenda
  • Defining the HR contribution and strategy
  • The core competencies of HR
  • Setting the right HR structure to deliver
  • Getting it done

Selected Speeches

„Effective Leadership Development
HRM Forum, Berlin, April 2017

„Successful Hiring Interviews - Professional Candidate Selection“
Quadriga Executive Education, Berlin, April 2017

„Claims and reality - what leaders really shoud be able to do.“
Second Leadership Day, Quadriga Forum, Berlin, November 2014

„Competencies for HR Leadership“
European HR Summit, Berlin, November 2012

„The Clash of Cultures – Leading across Borders“
Human Resources Management Congress, Berlin, July 2011