HR Straegy and Implementation

It is anything but easy to recruit the right employees and managers. Once we have found them the next challenge presents itself: how do we engage and develop them so they can be their best and develop their full potential in order to achieve the company´s business goals.

In this process leaders need the support and guidance of their HR organizations.That support, however, is not always provided. Either because HR lacks the knowledge to deliver – a question of skills – or because HR does not get asked for input in the first place – a question of positioning.

What do HR Managers need to do so that they have a true voice at the table that is being heard? And what do they need to do so their recommendations get implemented?

  • They must deeply understand the market their company operates in and the strategy they employ to succeed.
  • They have to fully master the core competencies of the HR function.
  • They need to be able to define what their contribution to the success of their companies will be. And they have to be able to develop an HR Strategy that ensures the necessary results.
  • They must bring a structure and an organization to their HR work that translates into sustainable success for the business.

In his many years of managing domestic and international HR organizations in leading global institutions, Ulrich Jordan has gained the necessary insight and experience to know how to tackle these challenges and enable HR functions to successfully contribute in a significant way.