Leadership Development

No organization ever succeeded without good peole. And in times of dramatic economic, technological and societal changes, companies can only succeed with engaged and competent employees.

The quality of leadership is the decisive factor. The managers and leaders are developers, drivers and supporters of all strategic and operational activities and the key owners of each organization.

Studies, however, show that on average just 60% of employees are satisfied and engaged in their jobs. Which clearly shows that leadership as it is often practiced is a problem.

What can organizations do to improve the quality of their leadership?

We see four milestones:

  1. Create a common understanding of the leadership role
  2. Identify the right leadership potential
  3. Develop the leadership competencies
  4. Evaluate the individual leadership performance

Along with our cooperation partner cisikconsulting we have developed a structured approach that can integrate existing solutions in any organization. Each element can also be applied separately.