With his extensive experience Ulrich Jordan is a sought after speaker on leadership, leadership development and HR strategy. His deep knowledge and his story-telling capture the audience. And they always go home with stimulating ideas. Among the different topics he covers:

1. Leadership

  • Managing people as the key to success.
  • Manage yourself to manage others.
  • Reach ownership through involvement.
  • Improving performance with coaching.
  • Finding the right balance between challenge and support.

2. Intercultural Management

  • How do cultures differ?
  • How do these differences influence leadership?
  • How do successful leaders manage across cultures?
  • Practical tips.

3. Human Resources Management

  • The core competencies of HR leaders – what they need to do to exert influence.
  • Successful HR strategies – from partnering with the business to becoming a player.
  • Leadership Development what really works for organizations and their managers.

Selected Speeches

  • „Effective Leadership Development“
    HRM Forum, Berlin, April 2017
  • „Successful Hiring Interviews - Professional Candidate Selection“
    Quadriga Executive Education, Berlin, April 2017
  • „Claims and reality - what leaders really shoud be able to do.“
    Second Leadership Day, Quadriga Forum, Berlin, November 2014
  • „Competencies for HR Leadership“

    European HR Summit, Berlin, November 2012
  • „The Clash of Cultures – Leading across Borders“

    Human Resources Management Congress, Berlin, July 2011