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Why do managers derail?

DIE ZEIT, Forum by Ulrich Jordan, September 17, 2015

Jürgen Großmann of RWE, Peter Löscher of Siemens, Thomas Middelhoff of Arcandor – these names are familiar to those who take an interest in business issues in Germany. Having enjoyed initial success as CEOs, they all derailed in the end. In the case of Middelhoff it had been foreseeable for a long time, in the case of Großmann and Löscher only briefly before. At least if you believe what the media said.

Lonely at the top

DIE ZEIT, Forum by Ulrich Jordan, August 29, 2013

In the executive suites of German businesses, conflicts are seldom waged openly – one reason for the frequent failure of top managers


Human Resources Manager, August / September 2012

The HR function has struggled to gain more influence within the company for as long as we can remember. With our model, we will show how this can be improved – from the strategy discussion to the organizational development of the HR function.

Asking the right questions


By addressing some of the most common mistakes in job interviews, managers are able to make stronger hiring decisions.

Mistakes in the hiring interview

Personalwirtschaft - Magazine for Human Resources, Nr. 2 - 2012

Ulrich Jordan, former Chief Human Resources Officer for Citibank Germany, has conducted more than 5.000 hiring interviews in his career. In this article he describes the most common mistakes.

The higher you go the more acting you will see

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, March 3 and 4, 2012

Talking with: Ulrich Jordan, former Chief Human Resources Officer, Targobank

The hiring managers are often ill prepared to select candidates, says Ulrich Jordan. A candidate's tie then may decide whether he will get hired. And in the end a clone will get selected.

Sexy sells

Human Resources Manager Magazine February/March 2012

The market for consulting in the Human Resources segment is growing. It is becoming more lucrative for consulting firms have a specialized offering in this field. But to flourish in this market is not so easy. The clients have become more professional and more demanding.

It is time for companies to apply, February 2, 2012

Times are changing in Germany. Until a few years ago applicants had to be grateful for every interview they were invited to. Today it is the hiring organization that needs to market itself to the candidates. Not every HR department, however, has fully understood how important this targeted recruiting has become...

Hiring interviews: not always conducted well

Ulrike Heitze, February 2, 2012

Consultant Ulrich Jordan says that many HR managers are not very well trained and not very effective in conducting hiring interviews. In this interview he explains what that means for the candidates.

When the boss asks to speak to you

Handelsblatt December 28, 2011

...It is the time of the year now that managers – with a friendly reminder from their HR departments - are meeting with their employees. One on one they want to review the performance and results of the last twelve months and agree on goals for the future...