It is time for companies to apply, February 2, 2012


Foto: FotolEdhar/Fotolia


Times are changing in Germany. Until a few years ago applicants had to be grateful for every interview they were invited to. Today it is the hiring organization that needs to market itself to the candidates. Not every HR department, however, has fully understood how important this targeted recruiting has become...

...According to a recent study of the German Chamber of Commerce, 32% of all companies employing up to 500 people see their financial success threatened by the shortage of qualified candidates. And based on Ernst&Young research, the German Mittelstand is concerned they may lose up to 33 billion Euros in revenues because of that very shortage.

Job ads are still the most prevalent channel of recruiting. Whether through job sites or company websites, the assumption is that candidates are searching for a new job.

HR managers should no longer count on this according to Ulrich Jordan, owner of Jordan-Consulting. "Companies have to turn it around. They have to "apply" to find the right employees in the market."...

..."Job agents – websites specializing in certain job functions like marketing or finance – are of interest to potential candidates because they can screen the offerings in a quick and condensed fashion. It is an easy to use tool that people can react to spontaneously", says Jordan...

...The most effective recruiting channel, however, is to "seize every opportunity to be an ambassador for your own organization, your products and your brand" recommends Jordan. The ideal platform could be fairs, conferences and social networks. It is crucial to present yourself with credibility. Even if a candidate would not be hired after an interview, the goal would be that "even if he is dissapointed, he would only have good things to say about the company."

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