Executive Coaching

My coachings are about the individual needs of the clients. About their unconscious choices, assumptions, beliefs and behaviors. By becoming aware of them, the clients gain awareness and will be able to see themselves and others in a new ways. The coachings will help the coachees to consciously decide what authentic behaviors to choose in order to strengthen their committment and ultimately reach their personal and professional goals.

Another important part of the coaching process is how to deal with the expectations that bosses, peers, employees, the public, other stakeholders and their families have of the clients.

In the end, it is all about recognizing their own strengths and development needs. And then, work on them by enhancing the willingness to change, the emotinal intelligence and the ability to deliver results. While living the values that make them who they are.

I see myself as someone who asks the right questions and listens to what is said and not said. As well as a mentor who acts with empathy and candor and who does not shy away from giving advice when it is wanted.

References available upon request.

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